Post Eviction Services

Post Eviction Services

Once the repossession is complete our post eviction team can step in. We can provide SIA licensed security agents either as static guards or roving patrols, including K9 units. They will ensure your property is protected from unauthorised re-entry whilst more permanent security measures are being put in place.

We can provide these measures by installing the following:

  • Security screens and doors
  • Fencing
  • Concrete barriers and bollards
  • Full site clearance of waste and debris
  • CCTV systems and 24-hour monitoring
  • Alarm systems and 24-hour monitoring

A building survey may be considered vital once squatters have been evicted. In many instances where buildings have been illegally occupied we have witnessed significant structural damage and numerous incidents where loft cavities have been used and internal walls knocked down without consideration for the structural integrity of the property.

We have also seen properties where mains electricity to has been bypassed causing significant fire risks.

Security Fencing

Our partner building surveyors deliver a full range of services identifying any issues relating to this kind of damage and will provide a full report on any issues discovered.  They will also make recommendations as to how best to put these issues right. Such a survey will enable you as the landlord or owner the building to ensure the property is safe to use and fit for future purpose.

Once squatters have been successfully evicted and the property is made secure from possible re-entry we can provide a full survey that will identify any damage they may have caused .

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Our contractors hold the relevant qualifications and one or more of the following accreditations for the works they are required to perform