Specialists In Squatter, Traveller and Trespasser Evictions Across England and Wales

Squatter Evictions UK sole purpose is to evict squatters, promptly, professionally and cost-effectively. Our dedicated fully equipped and trained team that deals exclusively with eviction squatters and trespassers can act anywhere in England and Wales.

Squatters Or Trespassers?

Is there a difference between a squatter and a trespasser? The answer is very simple, No, there is no real difference. Anyone who, without the consent of the owner, enters or occupies land or buildings, or remained on the land or in the building, will fall into either category. Whatever their label it makes no difference to Squatter Evictions UK, we will remove them.

Our squatter eviction team has a vast amount of specialist knowledge and experience in dealing with all kinds of illegal occupiers. We deal with the unlawful occupation of buildings, whether residential or commercial and can often be on site within a matter of hours of receiving instructions.

If you find squatters or other trespassers on your property, Squatter Evictions UK are here to help. We can guide and assist you through the entire process, and ensure you get your back, quickly, legally, and safely.

Time is of the essence in dealing with the unlawful occupation. Call or contact our Squatter Eviction team today.

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Our contractors hold the relevant qualifications and one or more of the following accreditations for the works they are required to perform

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