Eviction Services


Squatter Evictions UK are highly skilled professionals. All agents are experienced in successfully evicting trespassers and squatters from both residential and commercial premises as well as land.

We specialise in all types of squatter, traveller and trespasser evictions

Our Highly Experienced Enforcement Agents can assist you in gaining vacant possession of your property quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Squatter Evictions UK are proud of our record of success.

To maximise eviction success and get your property back we will:

  • Assist you with the legal process – if required by instructing specialist Solicitors on your behalf who are experts in this field.
  • Gain information about unauthorised occupiers/squatters through, social media and local area intelligence gathering
  • Conduct a health and safety assessment in relation to both agents staff and the occupiers of the land and/or premises.
  • Visit the property before the eviction takes place where we think this is necessary.
  • Liaise with the local Police.
  • Prepare an Operational Plan and carry out pre-operation briefings to ensure that ‘Best Practice’ is followed by agents and any contractors such as locksmiths, recovery drivers.
  • Utilise body-worn cameras.
  • If required we can employ the use of a drone or CCTV to obtain valuable intelligence.

Following the successful operation to get your land back we will:

  • Provide a full report on the action taken to possession of you property or land within 48 hours of the operation
  • Offer a full professional site clearance and clean up service
  • Provide photographs before and after eviction (if required)
  • If required provide security services to prevent re-entry. Click here for details
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To contact Squatter Evictions UK Simply call: 0800 037 0360, or click the button below.


Our contractors hold the relevant qualifications and one or more of the following accreditations for the works they are required to perform

Safe Contactor